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At Intrepid Oceans Marine we feel that business should be conducted on a personal level with respect and trust. By meeting the needs of our clients and continuously going beyond the expectations of those we work with we have proven time and again that we are a strong and reliable partner in the industry.

With over years combined experience we've learned a thing or two about the marine fuel business. At Intrepid Oceans Marine we pride ourselves on the strength of our relationships.

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By utilizing partnerships and connections across the world we are able to assist our clients in any port of call any time they need us with any product that is available.

We are always expanding and adapting in order to provide our clients with the perfect marine fuel management solutions in an ever changing market.

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Due to time difference around the world we make ourselves available 24 hours. Feel freel to contact us any time at By bringing the same rules and regulations to the yacht industry that we do for the US Gov. We hold ourselves to the same standards regardless if it's a gallons order or k gallons. About us. Our business. Military Contracting.We embrace our responsibilities and strive to have a positive influence and impact on the world we live in.

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Ship Bunkering Operations

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Our passion is unlocking the potential of the global maritime trade. Whether on land or at sea, our experts are dedicated to meeting your needs, delivering the right fuel and lubricants to get your fleet moving. Every requirement is unique, so every solution is bespoke. We are responsive maritime partners.

Contact Us. Through our Talent Development Programme we invest in vibrant and driven personalities who share our passion. Our maritime DNA runs through our business. The core of our team comprises professionals with sea going experience.

Relationships are invaluable to us. We build long term partnerships with our clients and suppliers. Join Us. Global Coverage. Optimising voyage efficiency. Fuel partnership.

Always on hand to help. Financial Strength.By The Maritime Executive. By Irene Notias Historically, it was the bunker broker who enjoyed direct relationships with major oil suppliers and independents, sourcing and arranging for bunker nominations around the world.

Until the s, customers were the end-users and typically paid suppliers directly, while the brokers received standard commissions from the suppliers. The commercial way of conducting business and pricing was supply, demand and pure competition.

Brokers played such a substantive role in the marine fuel procurement process that the ones with reputations for high quality service were sought out and grew into larger companies. Risk management tools were born out of the derivative markets, which would secure positive end year balance sheets.

Re-selling facilities, therefore, were much more profitable than brokering. The broker was still integral as he arranged the deal and followed it up. There was less concern about third party and customer risks because there was a long term trust amongst the parties and there was the value of word by mouth referrals and customer payment performance reputation. The financial crisis practically eliminated bunker broker firms. Many brokers re-invented themselves as traders and found jobs in large trading houses.

Bunker Brokers: Dying Breed or Rising Stars?

The few small-size broker firms that did survive had a high degree of transparency and flexibility, and sustained excellent direct client and supplier relationships throughout the changing environment in the shipping and bunker industries. Today, bunker end-users now have to be more alert to crude fluctuations and more aware of changes and daily news from numerous sources.

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They have to prepare and present more information in order to obtain bunker financingand they must know the counterparties, - all this while running their ships in an even more regulated and competitive industry. Does the new bunker buyer have the necessary trusted and tested network? Can the bunker buyer really keep up and cover the market with all these tasks and swift changes? Accurate information based on facts and transparency are mandatory for appropriate decision making.

Professional bunker brokers still have experience and access to a large world-wide network of physical supplier and traders. This all can be utilized in the upcoming IMO regulations capping sulfur content.BunkerEx was launched in with the vision to combine traditional bunker broking services with a technology edge for our clients.

In addition, we develop cutting edge technology for the bunker industry. BunkerEx offers physical delivered bunkers up to 6 months ahead for shipping companies to buy in advance. Our prices are always firm and move every millisecond with the oil markets. Access via our trading screen or WhatsApp.

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We understand the need for flexibility: clients can change port, quantity or dates even after fixing the price. To learn how it works, access the screen or to start trading please contact team bunker-ex. We offer live bunker indications, vessel locations, distances and bunker plans automatically through WhatsApp for free. This will work now on your phone:. Singapore-Rotterdam bunker. BunkerEx also offers a fast tool to find optimal bunker ports when planning voyages.

Simply enter your voyage and immediately see distance, ETA, quantity required and the cheapest port for bunkering.

bunker broker

The portal also shows fuel quality alerts, weather updates, extra costs e. Request a Demo. Here we show that…. At least when a fixture is done in shipping,…. Bunkers are one of the largest costs associated with a voyage, so making the right decisions around it are crucial. A New World for Marine Fuel. Track physical bunker prices online. Lock in prices 6 months ahead. Keep flexibility by changing ports, dates or quantity if needed. Check Prices. Become a Client. As featured in. Shipowners losing millions by choosing the wrong bunker port Bunkers are one of the largest costs associated with a voyage, so making the right decisions around it are crucial.Policies can be purchased in as little as 2 minutes rather than weeks and shared in seconds with anyone requiring proof of insurance.

On Demand Insurance. Bunker is disrupting the insurance industry to make way for the gig economy.

Bunker Broker

Our team of advisors is here to walk your vendors, contractors and suppliers through the process, ensuring that they get the right coverage, for the best price, as quickly as possible. Your contractors will love Bunker:. So I hopped on Bunker and got all set up easily. I can send a COI within minutes. I even did so from the airport last night while waiting on my luggage. As mentioned in. About Us. Contact Us. Privacy Policy.

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Terms and Conditions. Watch a Demo. Customer Reviews. Instant Insurance Quotes. Tell us a bit about yourself, and we'll reach out within the next 2 business days to set up a call. If you'd like to be in touch sooner, email enterprise buildbunker. On-Demand Insurance. Watch a Demo! Custom Term Lengths. Instant Insurance. Exclusive Products.Up until the 's the bunker trade was dominated by majors.

The 's then saw the rise of the independent suppliers, brokers and traders. Brokers used to have the little black book, tightly held information of which suppliers were in which port and how you might get hold of them. Shipping companies struggled to know where to start and brokers provided a lot of value by helping shipping companies navigate the market. The original role of the bunker broker was to cover the market because they had more information than the shipping companies, but when the Internet made much of this information freely available the role of the broker changed.

Unfortunately, having access to so much information today has not made doing a good job of bunker buying any easier as having too much information makes it difficult to know what to pay attention to. The challenge today is no longer a lack of information but rather sorting the signal from the noise.

The role of the broker today is to do this and use all the information available to help the shipping company get the best possible deal. No-one knows exactly how the market will adjust to meet the IMO regulations, but there will need to be sweeping changes and it is likely there will be a transition period where there is a lot of uncertainty. During this period I believe there will be a lot of opportunity for savvy buyers. Buying the 'safe option' will be increasingly expensive. Not everyone will be paying the same price.

Working with a honest broker is a good way for companies to get themselves up this curve. The bunker broker should answer questions like, where shall we bunker this vessel? What are avails like? How much are the calling costs? Is now a good time to go to the market?

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Which suppliers are reliable in this port? What is the best deal we can get today? These are hard questions and to answer them properly we need to take a data driven approach. Imagine if we could evaluate every option based on realistic indications, deviation and calling costs. Today's broker should process all these data points, keep the buyer informed and help them navigate the market.

In short, to make getting the best deal simple and easy. Data is already starting to change the way we make decisions every day. Isn't it about time we start asking for the data to back up that bunker purchase decision?

OilFront uses technology to show the companies we work with exactly how we work. We answer the hard questions today and are constantly working on ways to answer these questions better using data. OilFront is a bunker broker which uses technology to make its operations transparent and provide a value-add service to the shipping company.

bunker broker

There are no upfront fees and you can use us alongside your existing channels. It can be as simple as giving us an enquiry and seeing what we we can do. For more information, please get in touch on details below.The principle role of a Bunker Broker job is to facilitate the transactions between a Bunker supplier and the ship owner or ship charterer.

Some Bunker jobs may also include the purchase of fuel in a trader capacity. The role is varied and requires someone who has excellent negotiating and interpersonal skills. The position of a Bunker Broker can offer excellent career opportunities in the specialist market area of the Marine Industry, giving access to other exciting worldwide career opportunities within ship brokering.

Job Search Find a Job! Home Bunker Broker Job. Bunker Broker Job.

bunker broker

The position of a Bunker Broker can offer excellent career opportunities in the specialist market area of the Marine Industry, giving access to other exciting worldwide career opportunities within ship brokering What does a Ship Bunker Broker job description include? As a Ship Bunker Broker you will be required to establish relationships with existing clients and suppliers to ensure their continued custom and maintain levels of income.

A Bunker Broker must continually research the market and look for new opportunities to expand the business. You will be required to prepare and process quotations, sales enquiries, sales confirmation and prepare contracts.

You will work as part of a team and will report to a line manager or team leader. In the event of any disagreements or claims, the Bunker Broker is required to manage any claims arising and assist with legal actions involving customers or suppliers. Developing new business is a key role of the Bunker Broker and so you will be someone who has a keen interest in the Marine industry and is able to carry out analysis and monitor demands around the world.

As a Bunker Broker you may have to work outside of normal working hours and so a degree of flexibility is an advantage. Key skills and qualifications of a Bunker Broker in Shipping: You will be required to have been educated to a high standard and may hold a degree qualification or equivalent.

As a Bunker Broker you will need to be organised and capable of maintaining CRM customer relationship management systems and good general administrative skills. You must be outgoing and have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. A Bunker Broker must be numerate and be able to demonstrate an understanding of basic accounting and able to main accounting records. You must be able to present information to clients in a concise manner and have a good sales technique.

A Bunker Broker is required to negotiate rates with suppliers and so you must have strong negotiation skills and a good understanding of the shipping industry. You must be able to work as part of a team and be able to support other team members as and when required. A Bunker Broker must be familiar with standard industry computer programs eg Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.

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